3 Tops Tips for Attending Trade Shows

3 Tops Tips for Attending Trade Shows

1 Prepare

Being at a trade show can be a bit like a deer caught in headlights; it’s vital to prepare, social networks and high end style blogs can be a great source of new product ideas.

2 Filter

Finding new suppliers is not a big issue, it’s filtering them that’s important, ensuring you get unique and differentiated product.

3 Walk

You’ve got to be able to ‘sniff out’ the right suppliers at a trade fair, you’ve got to work hard and walk all the aisles, see how busy they are, how they approach you.

Advice courtesy of: Amanda Burrows, former Brand Director and Head of Buying, Whistles, House of Fraser; John Stockton, CEO, Weird Fish; and Paul Middlemiss, Trading Director, Robert Dyas