How to Create Your PR Strategy

How to Create Your PR Strategy
You need to find ways for influencers, critics and followers of fashion to try your products.

Kevin Read is the executive chairman of Bell Pottinger Corporate, Brand and Digital. He’s one of the UK’s top PR experts and here he reveals the secrets of successful communications – and how your business can use them, whatever its size.

1 “There is no single answer to how to ensure, you, your business and your products and services become better known, trialled and trusted. But, there are a number of core PR and social media approaches that can be adopted on a modest basis and pursued with enthusiasm and focus.”

2 “Before devising your plan of action you must be clear about your market. You need to understand the profiles of the customers you want to appeal to, and ideally the media they consume and the social media they use.”

3 “Social network theory tells us that some people are more important than others – the so-called influencers. Talking to the media, bloggers or social media contacts about your business will be vital.”

4 “But before you pick–up the phone, post an article or send a tweet you need to think very carefully about your story. You might consider working with a specialist to finalise your story and to package it for the media and the social media world.”

5 “You need to find ways for influencers, critics and followers of fashion to try your products. Picking-out key individuals, including bloggers, for either free or discounted trails will be important.”

6 “Securing local or trade media coverage can also provide a perfect platform for encouraging people to discover more about your business, possibly through your website where you might host a time limited offer.”

7 “Watch reactions carefully. If the media take your story in a certain direction seek to build on it. If one product line out performs another, be prepared to adapt.”

8 “Analyse your web and social media statistics regularly. Look for patterns. Use the data to help plan future products or services.”

9 “If all goes well enter an award or two.”

10 “Carefully planned communications – in classic or digital form - will be a vital ingredient for your business to get noticed and be trusted. But my advice is listen, learn, adapt and be persistent.”

In a nutshell

• Work out what challenge your business addresses

• Be clear about the solution your product or service provides. This is your point of difference

• Highlight the benefits that flow from your offer

• Identify a face for the business

• Prepare content for distribution in print and digital forms

• Consider working with a specialist to get your story out