How to get Close to your Customer

How to get Close to your Customer
“ Fashion retailers can tag products with the seasons they are launched and see what sells and when it sold."

Knowing Your Customer

Independent retailers have always prided themselves on being close to their customers. But in today’s increasingly complex world, this has become much harder to achieve. Technology can now play a powerful role in restoring that close relationship with customers.

Retailers place great importance on their ability to know their customers. This is based on their ability to collate data and use it to gain insights on their customer base which can then be used to deliver a better experience.

Collecting this data and being able to crunch the numbers through data analytics has very much been the domain of larger organisations but with the advent of cloud-based solutions such as Vend it is now possible for smaller retailers to cost effectively enjoy the same benefits.

Data analytics powers loyalty

Charlie Yates, owner of Candle Scentral in Worthing explains how his belief in the power of loyalty has brought powerful results:

Gaining insight into its customers through a loyalty programme has massively benefited candle specialist Candle Scentral, that is now able to target these individuals through tailored emails and in-store ‘clientelling’ using tablets. The multi-channel retailer uses the loyalty tool within the Vend solution to collect customers’ details and subsequently mine their shopping history data to determine how best to market to them – both online and in-store.

Better Planning for Seasonal Joy

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to using data to take away the risk and unpredictability of the key retail seasons.

Christmas remains a very predictable event in the annual calendar but such is the changing nature of the festive period, with pre-season sales and new events emerging like Black Friday, it has become very difficult for retailers to accurately forecast demand and to optimise their buying. Research from Inside Retail has found that 49% of retailers find…

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