How to Use Social Media for Your Business Part II

Give it a go. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry about it, shut it down. Rachel Arthurs

A little while back we had a Google Hangout with some social media gurus. They said stuff that is truly helpful for anyone who wants to use social media more effectively for their business. This is the second part, coming from award winning fashion and technology journalist and consultant, Rachel Arthurs.

“Brands are being more strategic than ever. Their question used to be what is the next platform. Now they ask how to use platforms better.” 
“Social media is no longer just the job of an intern or a junior. It’s becoming much more central to every brand.”

“What tell brands to act like a human, not a company.”

“Are you funny, or tongue-in-cheek or informative or using it for customer service? These all have very different outcomes so once you work that out then you’ll do it better.”

“From a tone of voice perspective Kate Spade is a brilliant example and so is Chubbies, its entire tagline built around guys out thighs out. It’s tied to that frat bro culture and is so, so funny. In both cases all the marketing feels on brand – that’s quite an achievement.”

“It’s not just what you’re saying but what you’re showing. Your visual identity is as important as your tone of voice.”

“Look at Michael Kors. All the images are very jet set and aspirational but also accessible but most importantly, beautifully shot.”

“RoI can be hard to track but there is evidence it works. When Nicholas Kirkwood launched on Instagram, customers come straight in to look for the product shown.”

“You can be direct talking about sales. Leading up to Black Friday for instance should be directly about shopping. But if you do that all year, you will get more push back.”

“Brands try different things to monetize their social media. Some use a shortened link under product, and others are experimenting with third party apps that make Instagram shoppable. It’s a little bit clunky at the moment but Like to know it and Reward Style are quite simple.”

“Not everything works. A couple of years ago everyone tried Facebook commerce and it flopped massively, because the consumer wasn’t interested. Now consumers are more interested in shopping from social, that entire world is about to be massively unlocked.”

“Google wouldn’t like me for saying this but you can use Google+ as a replication platform. This means you can push through it what you already have on other platforms. You won’t see engagement but it does help your SEO [search engine optimization] and it’s enormous for a local business because it’s also tied to Maps and searches.”

“Facebook really is pay-to-play if you want a big impact now. But you still have to be on it – just tick the box and have a presence for people searching for you.”

“You don’t have to be on every single platform, especially as small retailer or brand. It’s more about the idea of who and where your target market and consumer are. If you’re on Instagram and your customers aren’t, what’s the point?”

“Spend some time to research your consumer and where they are. But do use several platforms and think about each one differently, because you will be talking to different people on each platforms.”

“Don’t be afraid to experiment. If suddenly Snapchat emerges and your target market is millennial and savvy, give it a go. If it doesn’t work don’t worry about it, shut it down.”

“You don’t need to feel there’s a really bureaucratic approach to social media, the beauty of social media is you are forgiven very quickly.”

“Focus on what’s right for your brand and not just what the media says is important.”

Rachel Arthurs is a former senior editor at WGSN and is the founder of fashionandmash, a website about fashion and technology