Interiors trends for 2017 and how to style your store to increase footfall

Interiors trends for 2017 and how to style your store to increase footfall
“People linger longer in retail spaces that have greenery”

Research interiors trends for 2017 and you’ll come up with a heady mix of foliage, natural raw materials, visceral texture and an abundance of colour.

That sounds fantastic for spring. But, if I’m a retailer hoping to stock up on items that will appeal to consumers throughout the year, how is this stuff going to age?

Part of an independent retailer’s job is identifying the trends that are going to have long legs - and the ones to avoid.

According to Lisa White, head of Lifestyle & Interiors at WGSN, a safe option is to stick to plant life - which can bring both seasonal flair to your shop and opportunities for buyers.

“Indoor plants are trending tremendously at the moment,” says White. She suspects that this will run and run and so advises to get potting up for both summer and beyond.

“In the autumn consumers like to take a bit of nature back inside with them—so this will be a good time to stock up on plant accessories,” she says. “The indoor garden is getting more glamorous and people are willing to spend a bit more money on plant accessories, for themselves and also for gifts. Think beautiful pots in interesting materials, from artisanal ceramics to brushed brass.


“Plant stands will also be trending - so people can put their plants on a pedestal. There will also be a continuation of hanging plants in macramé planters, but this autumn and winter they will be in more sophisticated materials and colours to bring a bit of glam to the home garden.”

Plants are also a great way to make your shop appear fresh. Move them about, put them in big, colourful pots and it could really increase footfall as we move from the heat of summer towards winter.

“Bring in some easy-care plants into the store to add freshness and personality,” says White. “Cacti have been popular, but if you want something different, 1970s plants will be trending [by the autumn], and they are very easy to care for: spider plants, rubber plants, pileas. You’ll find people linger longer in retail spaces that have greenery.”

Want to know how to identify the key trend of the year? “It’s really useful to look at Pantone’s colour of the year. It’s starting to not just be a colour predictor but a social indicator as well,” says trend consultant Louise Healy.

Pantone describes its annual selection as “a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” What’s this year’s? “Greenery, a refreshing and revitalizing shade symbolic of new beginnings.” Sounds pretty bang on then.

Remember the omnipresent pineapple of a year or two ago? It has been replaced this year with yet more greenery in the form of cacti. Healy believes these “novelty objects” are a reflection of the transient way many of us live nowadays. She advises retailers to stock up on small, quirky objects that make people feel happy - and which they can easily move house with.

“If you’re renting you might not be able to change the decor and you might not have much room, but you can include a bit of fun in your interior. Something that boosts your mood and that you can take with you when you leave,” she says.

To offset the predominance of greenery there will be plenty of florals in 2017. Think dusky Oriental flowers or “acid tropic” colours, birds of paradise and animals. Perhaps flamingos will be the new pineapple?