Listen to Customers Just as Much as You Talk to Them:

Listen to Customers Just as Much as You Talk to Them:

What should your ecommerce marketing plan look like? CEO Simon Belsham shares his tips on how to get started.

1. The job of marketing is to help people be aware of your business and to understand what it is you do. Firstly, work out who your customer is and who the decision maker is. For example, if your customer is a child, the decision maker could be the parent. Your marketing will need to influence both.

2. Build your brand through the logo, the name, the website address, and your colours and tone of voice. They’re all important parts of the brand that need to represent and tell the story of what you do.

3. Find which marketing channels will help you reach your customers. Understand how they use channels and how you can reach and influence them at different parts of their lives.

4. Identify which are the most relevant for your customers and focus on doing the best job you can on them. For us, Pinterest and Facebook work as they’re about sharing.

5. Listen to customers just as much as you talk to them. Use pull channels such as content, inbound, social media marketing to influence customers to come to you.

6. Be consistent in how you talk to customers and how they experience your brand whichever channel mix you use.

7. A good customer database that collects the information you know about your customers in one place will support your marketing plan.

8. Search engine optimisation (SEO) should be an important part of how you think about and market your business. Use the free Google Webmaster tools to help you.

9. Make sure your customers can browse easily on mobile and tablet, this will also boost your online search rankings.