Planning to grow your shop?

Planning to grow your shop?

Planning on world domination, one gift shop at a time? Do you have a proper growth strategy for your retail empire? If your empire is a work in progress (or not), this might help.

We know from a recent survey of our lovely readers that about 33% of you class yourselves as growing businesses and a further 20% as a very new business. In addition to that, a large majority of our readers who would class themselves as well established, are hoping to grow in the future. Sometimes it’s in order to sell the shop on, sometimes to increase personal salary and in many cases it’s for some other reason entirely.

When you’re in the process of developing your shop, whether online or on the highstreet, we hear it can be challenging to know what to invest in first, and where you should focus your time. We like this tool that Grant Thornton have created to help small business figure out what your strengths are and also where you might want to look to combat any potential challenges. It’s free to use and takes a few minutes.