Watch: Learn How Independent Menswear Retailer, Number Six, Uses Customer Data


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A personal connection with customers:

Independent retailers have always prided themselves on being close to their customers and with simple technology its possible to give your valued customers the inside scoop on new deliveries of their favourite products, personalised discounts and anything else you’d like to tell them. Everyone from John Lewis to Number Six, the indie retailer interviewed here, see immediate boosts in sales after communicating with customers so it’s well worth the effort!

Collecting data and being able to crunch the sales numbers using data analytics has very much been the domain of larger organisations, but as these activities become essential for smaller retailers as well, new technology companies have risen to the challenge of creating great products for them. We feature Vend in this video and they’re a prime example of that trend. Their ePOS system means it is now possible for smaller retailers to cost effectively offer your customers the same service they get from the biggest names in retail, but with all the added benefits of shopping with a small independent.

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Jake Hardy, owner of successful menswear retailer, Number Six, shares how he easily gathers and uses customer information to offer them exactly what they’ve asked for. He shares ideas on what to send and when, to get the best up-tick in sales whilst being useful and appealing to customers, rather than an inbox irritant. Interviewed by Sophy Searight, Editor at Inside Retail, in partnership with Vend.

Inside Retail are proud to have Vend on board as a partner, we share the same ambitions for a thriving high street.

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